0.8.8 - Are the TLS certificates update strictly necessary?

Hi !

Just updated to 0.8.8, everything went well. Way smoother than last time. :partying_face: In fact my installation works even if I ignored a step which I don’t think applies to my case, so I’d like to be sure this is not a false positive.

I’m refering to the step 1 (“SSL/TLS Certificates will need to be transposed to the new location”) in this doc. My OSP is behind a reverse proxy which handles the TLS connection. Between the proxy and OSP it’s still clear HTTP. So when the doc says to uncomment the listen 80 directive, I didn’t.

From what I can see, everything works as expected. Offline videos, live, the chat, and even My Channels page which usually breaks easily. :smiley: Did I miss something ? If not, I think that’s worth pointing out in the upgrade notes. It’s a little ambiguous and can lead to people blindy listening on 443 when their proxy forwards in plain HTTP.

If you have a proxy in front, you should be fine. Since you are not running TLS at the Nginx-OSP level, there should be no worry.

Unfortunately, the number of configurations people run are as vast as the stars in the sky and I have to document that kind of stuff if something serious changes.

Ok, thanks ! :slight_smile:

Obviously. I’m just “worried” that someone might break his setup when not careful, because you don’t strictly say “this is optionnal”. If the reader is following blindly the instructions, it can break his setup and he’ll probably come running for help saying “thE DoC iS LyInG :crazy_face:”.