Advise about adaptive setting

If you enable adaptive setting, will this be retroactive for all recorded videos and uploads ?

Or will this only effect new recording and uploads etc ?

It applies only to the stream. The VOD is saved only in its best quality. Same thing if you upload a video : it won’t be transcoded.

That would be a nice feature, though.

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So I uploaded a short test vid from my phone, and when I watch on my phone is buffers all the time.

Sort of weird. Not sure what my settings should be for uploads from phone or if there is way to make phone uploads optimize for mobile viewing etc.

OH WAIT. so adaptive is only for the stream only ? And the recording will not be optimized like for mobile viewers of VODS ?

Please confirm.

The VOD will not be transcoded. It will only be saved in its source format. Adaptive is only available during the stream and the downgrades are not saved as far as I know (in any case in the latest version the player doesn’t seem to offer the choice).