Any recommendations for a cheap CDN?

Mostly interested in this to host private streams. However, I obviously don’t want to use up all my upload bandwidth on my home internet when streaming to others. Any recommendations for a cheap CDN? Viewers will likely top out at maybe 10 or so.

If you are hosting the main OSP node on your own internet you could just fire up a cheap Edge Server with Fasthosts / Digital Ocean / UpCloud so on and so on…
OSP Edge Streamer Overview | Open Streaming Platform Wiki
That way the streams will come to you, and then be sent out to the edge but all the viewers will get the video content from the edge server. Failing that you could just spin up a single server VPN with a hosting provider and make use of their internet instead of your own :slight_smile:

Hello, backblaze b2 seems cheaper:

I would advise against using something like backblze / DO Spaces etc for the live feed delivery. But by all means use that for the /var/www/images, /var/www/videos + /var/www/stream-thumb directories

Stick to Edge servers for the live feed HLS delivery to end users for now.