Chat bug or not?

Not sure if this is the right place to report bugs or not, but i noticed one after updating to the 0.8.7 version. (might have been there before)
If you leave the browser tab open but not in focus for a few mins (not sure the specific time) the chat gets disconnected from the server and you have the option to reconnect, that function works fine, but the client seems to duplicate all the chat messages everytime it happens.
So for examle: i type “Hi” in the chat, then pick another tab in the browser for a few, then go back to that chat and its disconnected, i press reconnect and now there is two messages with “Hi” there, and if i swap to another tab a couple of min and swap back and press reconnect, now its three “Hi” there and so on.
Refreshing the page seems to fix it tho so its most likely a client side issue.
Anyway, just wanted to let you know, Keep up the good work =)

Edit: Seems to be a bug with google chrome, havent been able to replicate it in Edge.

This is probably due to an unfocused tab will eventually drop connection due to timeout with maintaining an active connection. As for the duplication, if you would file a bug report for it in the Gitlab issues, I’ll make sure to hop over and take care of it.