Fresh install, using old DB backup


I decided to delete my old OSP (0.7.1) install and do a fresh one. I have a backup of the DB from 0.7.1, how do I use it on my new system?


What kind of database backup? MySQL / SQLITE / The json backup from the admin panel?

Sorry, the Json backup…

Hi Keitchu,
If you’re able to install a new one, let me know! The last version I was able to run was 0.8.3 (what is running fine!). Since, OSP ask for an email as username, I never could connect. And, there is no error in the log file…

Better luck than me!

Yes, I got the latest version installed on a Debian 10 default installation on Linode. Note, I didn’t use a username as an email address.

Worst case, I’ll have to make a fresh install of 0.7.1 of OSP, import it there, upgrade the DB to the latest, save the database, and copy it over.

I just wanted to get rid of my old VM which was mis-behaving, and I was tired of searching through log files.

I’ve got my JSON file, but I’m not sure if it will work across so many versions. It would be a great feature, and I know the code is there to migrate the DB. I guess I’ll make a backup of the DB, try it out, and see what happens. I was just wondering if people knew the simplest solution.

I believe starting a 0.8.4, the JSON backup dump was dropped due to issues regarding being unable to backup and restore since the DBs were starting to get too large. What I would recommend is do a new 0.8.3 install, restore the backup and then upgrade it up to 0.8.7. That “should” still work.

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