How much upload bandwidth is needed?

I’m trying to guess or estimate how much bandwidth is needed per live/streamer and per viewer etc.

So for a single live stream with 10 viewers for example assume 1080p @60

I guess if I know this I can estimate at least partially how much upload bandwidth I need on the server side.
Then of course how much server power I may need. I am not sure how to calculate these things.

My initial experiment will likely be small then I guess I would like to know how much cpu and ram is required for 10 simultaneous viewers of a single live stream etc ?

Then of course i’ll be trying to figure out all these calculations like how many how much bandwidth on the server side per viewer then how much cpu / memory per viewer or viewers ? How do I know when I need to scale up .

Some examples of single servers and how many viewers can view a video on a single small server for starters ?

I’m sure this has been asked in more ways then one but would be nice to have a guide of some kind to know if I can even do something like this.

Then my plan was to make a roku channel for the openstreamingplatform.

Are there any templates already built for roku for this ?


The honest answer: it’s very open ended.
Are you using the single server setup / split server setup?
If using single server will you have edge nodes for the video delivery?

The system isn’t very resource intensive. We use the split server setup and have the rtmp on a srever with 4 cores and 8gb ram and 2 edges on 1 core and 2gb ram. On Saturday we had 12 people live with around 80 people watching and edge’s peaked at about 190mbps outgoing data.

if you assume 5mpbs for incoming video feed from the streamer with 10 viewers your server /internet will need to be able to at least support 55mpbs of data transfer. If you are using edges, add in another 5mbps for each edge for the rtmp to send the data to the edges.

This goes up again if you have adaptive streaming turned on as well as that will be 3 video feeds being transferred to edges.

Thanks for the reply.
So now this raises more questions if you could help with these. thanks.

I don’t understand the benefit of split vs single other then splitting resources as you mentioned.

Can a single setup scale up for more streamers/viewers or is this the benefit of a split setup as well ?
What is the function of edge nodes and what is the physical hardware used for edge nodes ? Is this another server performing edge node functions of some kind ?

Thanks for the replies, I’m really very interested in learning about this and planning my project hardware needs.

I’m thinking of maybe a dell poweredge T610 with 2)8 cores or perhaps 2)12 core xeon processors and 64gb+ ram. OR maybe a used R710/R720 dell power edge or something with some 12 or 28 core processors.

I assume XEON processors good for OSP ?

Thanks and that explains a lot about bandwidth etc.

Split is best for scalability. It basically splits every element of OSP onto a different server.

Split is more scalable than single, but you can move from single to split if needed at a later date.

The edge nodes deliver the Video / HLS data to viewers. So your RTMP server will push data to edge nodes.
OSP Edge Streamer Overview | Open Streaming Platform Wiki

That server should be more than powerful for a small OSP setup

Great thanks.
That helps a lot. I almost hate starting with single knowing that I may need to scale up quicker then expected.

I mean all it takes is someone posted or sharing an embedded link or something and there could be hundreds of viewers in nothing flat.

Hard to decide, but also anxious to get started to learn how it all works.
Probably go single at first, unless I can find a decent rack server that I can fill up.
I assume rack will be best for edge nodes and for saving space etc.

Are edge nodes to be in the same location or distributed elsewhere ?

Yeah I get ya. I mean as long as you have some edges in place you should be good on the “omg 200 viewers” side of things to be honest. The scaling more kicks in when you have lots of streamers and lots of viewers all going live at the same time

Awesome thanks,
So now while I’m getting some hardware together I guess I should pick out some sort of domain name or something.