Live Streaming on 0.8.5


I am new to this system. I appreciate all the hard work you have put into this system. I had heck of a time after I upgraded the system. I basically had to start from scratch. Firstly, I wasn’t able to renew the lets encrypt cert automatically. I notice there was an update and I took it. Big mistake everything got messed up. I finally go everything work after many hours of tinkering with the setup. Some instructions are incomplete. Anyways, now I am unable to get the live video to show. What should I check? OBS connects just fine to the service. I saw troubleshooting section about it. But its unclear to me.


Going to need more details here. Running updates won’t mess everything up typically.

No live video can be indicative of a few things depending on the following questions:

  • Single Install or Multi?
  • Adaptive Enabled or Not?

Ok so for some reason the 0.8.5 for just a clean setup isn’t doing live streaming on a single server installation. So i reverted back 0.7.9 which I was on. Not sure if I am missing a step. I followed the guide to the t. I am using obs to stream live. But it keeps a recording. I made sure my public IP address is link to my fully qualified domain name. For now I am using the setup without ssl. I do plan on setting ssl back up. I believe we are doing cbr streaming to the server. I’m still new this live streaming.

Ok. So I got that this was a single server install. However, you didn’t mention if it was adaptive or not. The reason I ask was because there was a bug with adaptive streaming that was fixed on versions >0.8.6