Open Streaming Platform v0.8.2 Release

OSP Beta 0.8.2 has been released!

This release contains the ability to ban words in chat, changes to the OSP-Edge Restream endpoint, allowing it to be installed on the same server as a core, as well as multiple fixes to chat and manual control over the OSP-Edge redirection conf file.

As this update fixes issues on OSP-Core, OSP-RTMP, OSP-Edge, and ejabberd modules, the please update each component, if you are running a split/scaled infrastructure.

0.8.2 Changelog

  • OSP-Core: Changed OSP-Edge Playback endpoint redirect
  • OSP-Core: Set OSP-Edge Configuration File Rebuild on Boot as an option, Defaults to True
  • OSP-Core: Added Manual OSP-Edge Conf Rebuild Button
  • OSP-Core: Added Table channelBanList for future full channel banning and tracking of chat channel bans
  • OSP-Core: Fixes in channelplayer.html for Chat Banned Users List Showing User’s UUID instead of Username.
  • OSP-Core: Fixed an error where an invalid RTMP server error log generated was incorrectly typed as a string
  • OSP-Core: Updated List of RTMP Ingests on User Channels page to include all active RTMP servers Authorized
  • OSP-RTMP: Changed OSP-Edge Restream endpoint
  • OSP-RTMP: Changed RTMP HLS Fragment Naming Scheme to Sequential
  • OSP-Edge: Changed Ingest RTMP and Playback endpoints
  • OSP-Edge: Added Checks for Idle/Dropped Streams
  • OSP-Edge: Changed RTMP HLS Fragment Naming Scheme to Sequential
  • OSP-Config: Added Missing OSP-Edge Upgrade Option
  • OSP-Config: OSP-Edge Install and Upgrades now allow for multiple IPs for configuring the authorized RTMP and Core Servers with commas
  • ejabberd: Fixed a bug in the where is was ignoring accessing the local host api endpoint and was using the given xmpp domain address

Thanks to everyone who has offered suggestions and finding bugs/issues!