Open Streaming Platform v0.8.4 Release

Open Streaming Platform v0.8.4 has been released! This update applies to OSP-Core servers as well as OSP-RTMP servers.

Most notable changes include the addition of 2FA, addition of a few new Admin Level API endpoints, and adding limitations of 750 characters in XMPP chat.

Also please note that all logins are now based on Email, not username as was previous to this version.


  • OSP-Core: Changed Admin Webhooks Formatting
  • OSP-Core: Added Vanity URL to Public Channel APIv1 Return
  • OSP-Core: Refactored OSP-Core Startup Processes
  • OSP-Core: Refactored OSP-APIv1 into Namespaces
  • OSP-Core: Due to a change in Flask-Security-Too, the Login page will now only allow login via registered email address, instead of username.
  • OSP-Core: Added TOTP 2FA. Users can now add 2FA using Google Authenticator, Authy, Duo, or any other TOTP App in User Settings
  • OSP-Core: Added Option for Admins to Disable 2FA for a User
  • OSP-Core: Removed /playbackauth and added /apiv1/rtmp/playbackauth for moving rtmp playback authentication verification to OSP-RTMP
  • OSP-Core: Added /apiv1/user/ endpoint for user creation and deletion
  • OSP-Core: Added /apiv1/user/role endpoint for role assignment and removal
  • OSP-Core: Set New User Username and Email Validation to require real values. Usernames now restricted to [a-zA-Z0-9_-]
  • OSP-Core: Changed BanList Display Panel ID from bannedUsers to modDisplay in channeplayer.html
  • OSP-Core: Changed Ban List Display Button ID from banListButton to modDisplayButton and onclick from openBanList() to openModDisplay() in channelplayer.html
  • OSP-Core: Changed banListOverlay CSS Class to modDisplayOverlay in channelplayer.html and theme.css files
  • OSP-Core: Added Restriction of 750 Characters per XMPP Chat Message
  • OSP-Core: API Change - Moved /channel/authed/ into /channel/ and added option for optional authenticated view using api-key
  • OSP-Core: Removed JSON based backup/restore due to sizing issues. Backups should be performed via MySQL.
  • OSP-RTMP: Set RTMP playback auth to query OSP-Core API