Open Streaming Platform v0.8.6 Release

Open Streaming Platform 0.8.6 has been released!

This update contains the much wanted Chat Stickers, as well as backend fixes for checking required db values and RTMP fixes for Adaptive streaming.


  • OSP-Core: Added Chat Stickers. Stickers can be added at the Global Level or Channel Level. Also includes a small set of OpenEmoji Built-In Stickers
  • OSP-Core: Added Sanity Checks for fs_uniquifier to ensure a random value has been assigned
  • OSP-Core: Fixes to Guest IP/UUID Tracking running off the rails and generating unneeded Database entries
  • OSP-Core: Fixed an issue where Custom Theme HTML Override was not applying when restarting OSP
  • OSP-Core: Altered the Chat Window Size on Defaultv2 and Defaultv2-Dark from 550px width to 35%
  • OSP-RTMP: Fixes to RTMP Adaptive Streaming caused by a fix done in 0.8.4 regarding RTMP playback authentication