OSP with DO Spaces video processing error

Hey all,

I am having an issue with the videos becoming offline while using Digital Ocean Spaces. I am connected using s3fs mounted to /var/www/videos following the tutorial in Tweaks. The only way I am able to make the videos playable again is to reboot the server.

Currently I am running this all on a single server with 8vcores 16gb ram. I have tried to set it up with edge servers but they only ever show as offline. When I go to the FQDN I get the default NGINX server page but it will not show its online.

When added edge servers do you need to completely re-configure the main core server as well.

TLDR: I have a live stream coming up in 4 days and this current sever configuration just simply does not work. I have setup an owncast server as my back up but would love to get this working as a long-term solution.



Are you using S3FS to mount the bucket to /var/www/videos and if so what version is it?