Running more then one server together

Got a few questions about splitting up the server into two.
Me and a friend have a server each and both of us got gigabit internet,
Im trying to figgure out how to (if possible) run osp on both servers so it dont matter whitch one you stream to it comes up on both.
To have one server act as master and the other a slave but still with the webui and all that.
Or just the slave server show whats being streamed and can show videos/clips from the master.
Been reading the guides (both new and old) but have no luck.
If this is not possible then we end it at that.
I have only tested it with the single server and the edge setup sofar, might be that i need to do them all seperat with the OSP-Core, OSP-RTMP, Ejabberd, Redis, MySQL.
Might be some port forwarding i have missed aswell.
Anyway, i just like to tinker around testing things, solve problems and get wiser. I could not program anything to save my life so hats of to all who do that part =)

If you have 2 core servers you will need a central database, central storage for /var/www/videos + stream-thumb-images that is mounted on cores and RTMP.
You could look at something like AWS / Cloudflare for your DNS as you would be better loadbalancing the 2 servers.

Or, you could have 1 core server at 1 location and then rtmp / edges at another location to split the load across the 2 internet lines

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Ok, will do some more testing soonish when i get time.
Maybe run the database / chat / storage on a truenas server and then configure the edge servers to connect to it, or something along those lines.
As far as the load balancer i will try get a nginx reverse proxy with load balancer going. Using nginxproxymanager atm but dont think it support balancing. But thats a question for a later date.

The only thing that needs to connect to the DB is the core server(s)

The Edge’s dont connect to anything and the RTMP’s use the OSP API (configured in in order to authenticate user streams going live

Thanks. good to know =)